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腕時計のポリッシュ(新品仕上げ) - Arbitro
Repair Guide

Wristwatch polish (new finish)

New finish (polish) is ¥ 22,000 ~

Cases and bracelets can be polished from ¥ 22,000.

The case is disassembled, and the mirror surface is polished and hairlined by buffing including scratch removal. We also accept requests for polishing work only, so please feel free to contact us.


Work after disassembling exterior parts such as windshields.

At that time, if parts need to be replaced due to deterioration, a minimum parts cost may be required separately.

It may not be possible to completely remove large and deep scratches and dents.

Complexly processed parts and plated parts are not polished.

* Gold-plated watches may not be polished.

If you have any questions, please contact us before requesting.

Delivery time is 4-5 weeks

Basically, it can be handed over in "4 to 5 weeks" from the start of work.

It may take a little longer when there are many requests, but basically, please consider the above delivery date.

Please note that the above delivery date will be added to the case of long holidays such as year-end and New Year holidays and Golden Week holidays.

Polishing / new finish

Scratches and dirt that become noticeable when you use your watch normally.

Even if you do it with leather for removing scratches that you polish yourself, it will not disappear easily. .. I think everyone has that experience.

If the surface is extremely shallow, you may be able to remove it yourself, but if it is scratched or dented a little, I think it is better to polish it by a craftsman in terms of quality and satisfaction. increase.

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手巻きのオイスターデイト プレシジョン 6694を知る - Arbitro
Watch Review

ROLEX Oyster Date Precision 6694

Oyster Date Precision, a long-selling hand-wound model produced from the 1950s to the 1980s. Speaking of the classic Rolex model, the hand-wound Oyster Date Precision Ref.6694 isn't it? Equ...

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ROLEX Cellini 3807 18K YG Champagne Dial - Arbitro
New Arrival

ROLEX Cellini 3807 18K YG Champagne Dial

New Arrival ROLEX Cellini 3807 18K YG Champagne Dial Rolex Cellini Ref.3807 Champagne dials have arrived. Rolex dress watch, Cellini. Very thin hand-wound 2 hands, tonneau-shape...

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