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Rolexムーブメントのオーバーホール - Arbitro
Repair Guide

Rolex movement overhaul

Rolex movement overhaul and rotor core replacement. I don't think it's easy to open, but if you open the back cover with a special opener, you will find a movement like this. ...

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JW Marriott NARA - Arbitro

JW Marriott NARA

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修理職人の仕事 - Arbitro

Repair craftsman's work

The most important repair and maintenance when using a vintage watch. As with cars, I think most people don't know anything about machines when it comes to everyday use. Watches are precision ...

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We started Doppietta-Tokyo which deals with vintage cameras, mainly Leica.

Doppietta-Tokyo is a Italian soccer(football) word meaning "two goals" derived from the Italian word "doppio" meaning "double".



We opened our first physical store at Rainbow Soko in Shimokitazawa.

It was a tiny space of only 3.3㎡.

We wanted a place where we could actually see our products, so we couldn't say anything extravagant.



We moved to Rainbow Soko in Ikejiri-Ohashi, Meguro-ku.

At this time, we talked about what to do with the interior.
We asked the president of T-Plaster, the company that operates Rainbow Soko, and he agreed to make the fixtures for us at a reasonable price.

I have fond memories of painting the walls ourselves to save a little money on the interior.

The finished interior has a vintage look that matches the atmosphere of the space.



We moved to Yoyogi-Uehara, Shibuya-ku.

We signed a contract for the property around October, but we wanted to open the store as soon as possible to avoid the increasing costs.

I contacted the president of T-Plaster, the company that had helped me with my last interior work, and asked him if he could do the work for me next month.
I asked him for a crazy proposal.

At first, he said that such a request was absolutely impossible.
But I asked him if he could do something about it.
I asked him to do something about it, and he did, and we were able to get the work done within the year. 



We launched this store,"Arbitro", a select shop focusing on vintage watches.


Make your everyday life twice as fun and cool. This concept hasn't changed since the beginning, and we select only what we think is good.

By connecting with experienced watchmakers in each field, it is possible to use vintage watches on a daily basis from the start.

Also, we would like to make a store where you can buy vintage watches online from the beginning.



Moved from Yoyogi-Uehara to Hiroo in the same Shibuya-ku.

We opened our store on the 9th floor of the building until a suitable property for a street-level store was found.



In August 2021, we opened a street-level store at Hiroo ZERO 1F, 5-1-43 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Facing Meiji-dori, it is 7 minutes from Hiroo Station and 10 minutes from Ebisu Station.