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ThrowBack 2021.1 KANOSUKE DISTILLERY 嘉之助蒸留所 - Arbitro

ThrowBack 2021.1 KANOSUKE DISTILLERY Kanosuke Distillery

Set a distillery tour as the destination of your trip and tour the surrounding land.

Such a way of enjoying is also good.

Speaking of liquor, beer and sometimes wine? Even so, if you visit the distillery and learn about the process of making whiskey, its history, and the thoughts of the craftsmen, you may naturally want to drink whiskey.

Speaking of domestic whiskey, Suntory such as Yamazaki and Hibiki, Taketsuru and Nikka (Asahi) in Yoichi are famous, but Ichirose Malt (Venture Whiskey Chichibu Distillery) is also famous for domestic whiskey. ..

It seems that there are more than 10 distilleries that produce whiskey on a small scale other than the above. It seems that the sake brewery mainly produces whiskey.

The Kosho Distillery in Kagoshima, which was founded in 2017 with such domestic whiskey, is a distillery that is familiar to those who know it now.

Since I went to the distillery, I would like to tell you what kind of place, equipment and atmosphere it is made in.

About Kosho Distillery

Kosho Distillery

Kosho Brewery Co., Ltd. Kosho Distillery


Address: 845-3-3 Kaminokawa, Hiyoshi-cho, Hioki-shi, Kagoshima

TEL: 099-201-7700 FAX: 099-201-7711


Access: Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from "Ishuin" station on the JR Kagoshima main line (approximately 40 minutes from Kagoshima station)

Distillery reception and shop

The Kosho Distillery started in 2017, but it is the Kosho Sake Brewery in Kagoshima, which is famous for shochu.

The view from the parking lot. I'm out.You can see the other side where you are making Kosho Sake Brewing Imo Shochu.

The sign before going to the entrance. It's simple but fashionable.

If you walk along this guide, you will find the reception.

Looking back at the entrance, you can see such a magnificent view as a barn. The weather was fine on this day, so it looked pretty beautiful.

The space that doubles as a receptionist and a shop has a nice atmosphere. The ceiling is missing and the back is covered with glass, so the feeling of openness is outstanding.

W.C's sign is also ◎ It is good to finish this wall like this.

The time you wait in this reception will raise your expectations.

I bought a rice shochu called "Melokozuru Excellence" (the shochu in the photo above) that was aged in oak barrels, but I recommend it because it is delicious.

I arrived a little early, but since we were the only ones on this day's tour, it was a little early, but did you start the tour?

Because it is a tour course, I was wondering if there was a guide specialist, but I was able to spend a luxurious time with a craftsman giving a one-on-one explanation.

Distillery tour

You can see the whiskey manufacturing site and aged barrels from a short distance from the history of Kosho Sake Brewery and Kosho to whiskey making, and enjoy tasting at the bar.

The second generation of this Kosho Sake Brewery is famous for the "Mellow Kozuru", which was made by storing rice shochu in barrels and aging it in 1957 with reference to whiskey and brandy. (You can still buy it)

The story went awry, but the second generation tried to create a theme park centered on Melokozuru (unfortunately it didn't happen), and the current fourth president said, "A world-class distillation. It seems that the Kosho Distillery was built on this land because of the desire to create a place.

It's pretty nice to have such a story.

It's been 3 years since 2017, so the buildings and pot stills were shiny.

The person in charge was excited to finally be able to produce whiskey aged for 3 years.

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