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GRAND SEIKO FIRST J14070 Early Carved Logo Dial

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Grand Seiko
1960 August
Manual wind Cal.3180
14K Gold Filled (80 micron)
Lug Width
Dark brown leather strap
Watch Only
The watch has been completely serviced by our watchmaker
1-year mechanical warranty
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*The photo of the movement was taken before service.


This is the first model of "Grand Seiko", which was born with the determination to "manufacture the world's finest wristwatch" and all the precision of parts, assembly technology, and adjustment technology based on the Crown.

It is a very standard and finished design that does not feel old-fashioned at all.

The case has a very thick 80 micron 14K gold plating.

The caseback has a lion medallion. The specifications of the medal are also the early model.

This is a type of dial with the Grand Seiko logo engraved below 12 o'clock, which is often introduced as a "carved logo dial".

This is a rare dial that was manufactured for just under a year from the late 1960s to the middle of 1961.

This example was manufactured in August 1960, which is the earliest for carved logo dials. It is interesting to note that there are subtle differences in the engraving of the logo depending on the time of production.

A feature found only on the earliest carved logo dial is that the index at 12 o'clock consists of two metal plates.

If you look closely, you can see a small gap in the middle of the index at 12 o'clock, which is created by placing the individual plates side by side and is only visible on printed dials and the earliest engraved dials.

Later dials are made from a single piece of metal and have no gaps at all. Among the collectors, it is distinguished between these two types of dials as "split 12 index" and "single piece 12 index".

The combination of multifaceted bar indexes and dauphine hands cut in the mountain shape that is characteristic of carved dials gives a sense of sophistication.

The star-shaped mark above 6 o'clock represents the SD dial (Special Dial) and is only printed on watches with 14K or 18K gold indexes.

The movement is a manual wind Cal.3180.This is a movement from Suwa Seikosha, which was developed for Grand Seiko based on the movement of Crown.

The condition of the movement is also very good.

This watch was purchased from Mr. Yoshihiko Honda a.k.a BQ(@bqwatch) who is leading expert of vintage seiko.

All components and authenticity are checked by him as well.

The watch has been complete serviced by our watchmaker before listing.

GRAND SEIKO FIRST J14070 彫り文字盤 最初期 Watch SEIKO
GRAND SEIKO FIRST J14070 Early Carved Logo Dial Sale price£4,429.54 GBP

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