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Tank Louis Cartier LM 1980s

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Tank Louis Cartier
23.5x30.5mm (Without Crown)
18K Yellow Gold
Lug Width
Black Leather Strap
Watch Only
The battery has been replaced and all functions inspected by our watchmaker
1-year Mechanical Warranty Shipping
Global shipping via FedEx International Priorit

Cartier is a French brand founded in 1847 by Louis-François-Cartier as a jeweler. It has a long history not only in jewelry but also in the field of watches

The third generation of the Cartier family, Louis Cartier, designed the Tank in 1917 and released the first model in 1919. This is the beginning of the tank watch.

The origin of this tank design is said to be the floor plan of the Renault FT-17 tank that appeared during World War I.

This watch, which incorporates Art Deco design, has created many enthusiasts, and they are said to be Tankists.

Muhammad Ali, Princess Diana, and Yves Saint Laurent are known as tankists, and among them, Andy Warhol is said to have worn a hand-wound model without even winding the mainspring.

This anecdote tells us that the appeal of tanks lies in their style.

And this "Tank His Louis His Cartier (hereafter, Tank LC)" was born in 1922, and as the name suggests, it is also famous for being a favorite of Louis Cartier himself.

This is a model equipped with an old quartz movement produced in the 80's.

The case is made of 18K yellow gold and measures 23.5mm wide and 30.5mm high, the same size as the must tank.

The vermeil used in the must tank is also sufficiently luxurious, but I feel that nothing can replace the color and texture of solid gold.

The surface and sides are polished, and the back has a hairline finish, so it is in fair condition.

The dial is an original Roman dial. It was white, but it has changed to a light ivory over time

Also, cracks and stains can be seen in various places on the dial. Although it is a unique feature of the original, please check it in the photo.

This watch is equipped with a quartz movement, so you can use it casually because there is no need to set the time even if it is not in use.

If you are buying a vintage watch for the first time, we recommend a quartz watch because maintenance costs are relatively low.

The watch is not waterproof.

Comes with a shiny black belt made from a caiman crocodile. The buckle is an external product.

Batteries have been replaced. The windshield has been replaced with a new one. Each function is fine.

1 year warranty.

(Overhaul is available for 16,500 yen only if requested at the time of purchase.)

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