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GRAND SEIKO FIRST(1ST) J14070 Raised Dial

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Brand: SEIKO
Model: GRAND SEIKO First
Ref: J14070
Year: 1963
Movement: Hand-Wound (Manual) Cal.3180
Case: 35mm
Material : 14K GF (80 micron)
Lug Width: 18mm
Bracelet: Leather Strap (Black)

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1-year Mechanical Warranty
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With the determination to "make the world's finest wristwatch", parts based on the model called Crown It is the first model of "Grand Seiko" that was born by pouring all of precision, assembly technology, and adjustment technology.

With the import restrictions on watches being lifted in 1961 the following year, in anticipation of the large number of Swiss-made watches coming into the country, we will be competitive with the world and fight the world. It is also one made as a weapon.

The catchphrase is " Accurate, unrivaled, lifelong watch "

This Grand Seiko is the first domestic watch to comply with the Swiss chronometer inspection standard. It is a model that was done.

There is a notation of Chronometer under the logo of Grand Seiko, and it was sold together with a document stating the inspection result called a step certificate.

It is a very standard, complete design that does not feel old-fashioned at all. The

case is a very thick gold-plated 14K gold 80 micron. Unlike plating, it has a high-class feel and the metal of the ground does not come out.

The back cover has a lion-marked medallion. It can be said that it is a unique feature of vintage Grand Seiko.

The Applied Grand Seiko logo at 12 o'clock on the dial is characteristic of late-produced watches.

The star-shaped mark above 6 o'clock represents the SD dial (Special Dial) and is printed only on watches with 14K or 18K gold index. The

movement is equipped with a hand-wound Cal.3180.

This first Grand Seiko was reprinted in 2011 and 2017, and has become a regular model since 2020, the 60th anniversary of its birth.

Although, the size and price are different, and this texture is unique to vintage.

This watch is from Mr. Yoshihiko Honda, the owner of antique mecha BQ and a contributor to Seiko's official event.

It is no exaggeration to say that there are no strangers in the world of vintage Seiko at home and abroad.

Authenticity is checked by him.

The watch has been completely serviced by our watchmaker

1-year Mechanical Warranty

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